Therapy with Colleen

Always inclusive, always accepting

Hello! My name is Colleen and I help individuals in Rochester and throughout New York State balance their life stressors, manage the difficult emotions that might be keeping them stuck, and explore their goals for an attainable future.

My Approach to Therapy

I firmly believe that the therapeutic relationship needs to be one of authenticity, emotional safety, and non-judgment.  

Either way, great! I'm here for all of that and so much more...

You deserve to have a space that it just for you, and for someone that is here just for you.  

I'm here for all of the venting that feels out of place in daily life AND I'm here for the deeper work that comes after all of that. 

I am trained and educated to help you tap into your own potential happiness and to help guide you through your experiences of stress, depression, and anxiety while making space for you to ultimately be the one who makes the lasting changes. You're the expert on you but you definitely don’t have to keep pushing on and suffering alone either. 

I use a person centered and strength-based approach to therapy with a strong focus on exploring your values, wants, needs, goals…everything…to empower you to start to make the choices you want and gain a sense of confidence to show up for yourself and in your life the ways that feel real, harmonious, and freeing.  

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Your Therapist

Hey there, I’m Colleen and I’m so happy you are considering making a bold and brave choice for yourself in deciding to seek therapy. This was one of the hardest parts, so please rejoice in checking it off your list!

It’s important to feel a sense of connection and humanity with your therapist, to know that person is, well, a real person too. I value being able to show up for you in a real, authentic, and transparent way whenever I can. A little about me:

Expect me to show up with different hair colors from time to time, appreciate your humor, and swear when there are just no other fucking words good enough. 

I work to show up for you in a real way, and want you to show up as raw as you are without fear of judgement or shame.

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Education and Experience

I am a New York State licensed Mental Health Practitioner in Creative Arts Therapy. I earned my undergraduate degree from the Rochester Institute of Technology in 2008 and then earned my graduate degree from Nazareth University in 2010.

I have worked for Rochester Regional Heath Systems, East House Corporation, and Strong Behavioral Health Systems as a primary mental health therapist for over 13 years.

I have also lead groups for individuals struggling with substance use issues and trauma as well as being an Adjunct teacher in the Graduate Art Therapy program at Nazareth University.

These experiences have helped me hone my skills and better align myself with modalities that work best for me and for my clients in my current practice. 

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